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Carbon Management is increasingly becoming the most important agenda facing supply chain & procurement organisations. Anvil Carbon Management provides instant visibility into your organization’s carbon baseline. Once established, our technology will define the next steps in your carbon journey.


Our Solution - Carbon Management

Sophisticated Carbon Analytics to help you track scope 2/3 emissions and make carbon a consideration in every tender.


Carbon emission data from Government & NGO for an extensive range of goods & services

Global inflation measures

Purchase Power Parity

Country level carbon intensity measures

Supplier carbon database


Concordance matrix maps EEIO analyses to our own taxonomy used for classifying spend

Periodic data roll & model weight recalculation

Periodic data roll & model weight recalculation

Tune the model using advanced conversion factors

Supplier database of carbon emissions

Tune the model using advanced conversion factors


Carbon Management provides a breakdown of CO2e output on a product, supplier and location level

The Challenge of Scope 3

Our approach allows us to generate the best approximation to your emissions picture and improve these approximations as you engage the supply base and move more of the estimate to higher accuracy methods.

Emissions Calculation By Method

Supplier Engagement – Supply Base Segmentation

Use 4Carbon to segment your supply base and a structured negotiation process to efficiently manage an enterprise carbon reduction programme

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