Project Management

Key Features

Anvil Analytical’s powerful, highly configurable digital toolkit has been designed to enable users to track, collaborate and analyse their projects with ease. It serves as a central hub for project managers, teams, and stakeholders.

Tracker – Budget Tracking and Forecasting:
  • Monitor project savings/costs over time

Resource Allocation:
  • Assign project team members
  • Manage approvals
  • Record suppliers*

Progress Tracking:
  • Visualize project stages and milestones
  • Stay informed with real-time updates

Customisable Workflows:
  • Tailor to unique processes

Data Analytics Dashboard
  • Analyse project data using interactive charts and graphs
  • Gain insights into performance, bottlenecks, and trends

* Use Anvil’s Spend tool, to automatically incorporate actual supplier spend

Example of Carbon Project Management chart

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